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  • William

    caboki gives confidence

    头发颜色: Dark Brown

    Rating:3 提交日期: 2019/10/14

    order the the wrong color need dark brown not med.brown
  • JEAN

    Caboki makes my hair look thicker

    头发颜色: Medium Brown

    Rating:5 提交日期: 2019/10/11

    Caboki is very easy to use and covers those thin hair spots.
  • Elizabeth

    Wonderful product

    头发颜色: Blonde

    Rating:5 提交日期: 2019/10/10

    Gives my hair the lift it needed
  • Am H.

    It works great, love it

    头发颜色: Black

    Rating:5 提交日期: 2019/10/10

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    I had a hair transplant surgery but still my hair were thin. With caboki i get full head of hair. I wear it everyday without any problems. If you are bald try this trust me it works.
  • Malachi

    Great for what it is

    头发颜色: Light Brown

    Rating:5 提交日期: 2019/10/10

    This will not fix your hair loss as you may know, but does a great job of covering up thinning areas, pretty incredible actually how the product makes your hair look so full.

    Problem solver.

    头发颜色: Salt Pepper Light

    Rating:4 提交日期: 2019/10/10

    I have a sample. It's a great product.
    I would explore a lighter shade.
    Its excellent for those of us who
    Experience alepecia.
  • Pat

    sorry, not for me. excellent product. just not for me.

    Rating:5 提交日期: 2019/10/09

    my hair is way too thin for this product. thank you for the trial.
  • Rhonda


    头发颜色: Light Brown

    Rating:5 提交日期: 2019/10/08

    I will be buying again
  • Lou


    头发颜色: Salt Pepper Dark

    Rating:5 提交日期: 2019/10/07

  • Stephanie C.


    头发颜色: Medium Brown

    Rating:4 提交日期: 2019/10/07

    It works pretty good to cover up thinned spots!


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